For Ever & For Ava Website Launch Video - FIlm / Edit by Smacky

KH Film / Stunt Reel 2014 - Edit by Smacky

CG Application Tutorial - Film & Edit by Smacky 2015

Produced and edited by Smacky for The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California. Aired in the Los Angeles market.​

Mod Angel Instagram Launch Promo

Rosie G Instagram Launch Promo

Promo Video for Westlake Rep. Chapter 2011

PSI Testimonial Video - Edit by Smacky

One of our latest videos, a TV commercial produced for Video Gear Direct. Created in Motion, edited in Final Cut Pro. 2012​

VIDEO PRODUCTION Tablet Bean Bags commercial was filmed and edited by Smacky at Studio X. 2011

A Step in Time Disneyland Promo Video

Dance Website - Intro Video

Dr. Terino interviewed, explaining the technique of his facial surgery. Filmed and edited by Smacky. 2011

Product Retail Display / iPad Video Display

Media coverage on Tablet Teddy Bears edited into a montage. 2012

Project Ethos featured at the Los Angeles Fashion week was edited by Smacky for DCrew TV. 2011

Mod Angel Launch Promo - Edit by Smacky

GLOW Light Wear Promo

Extreme Sport Athlete - Edited by Smacky

PSI - Dan Testimonial

Smacky filmed the pilot / sizzle reel with the working title "The Cougar and Her Cub". 2008